Case studies

We endeavour to use ESG practice in a systematic way to identify and maintain ethical behaviour and also to improve portfolio company performance.

Employee performance management can lead to improved productivity, raising supply chain standards can reduce reputational risks and better management of environmental impacts can protect the health, safety and wellbeing of employees as well as appeal to customers.

Read more about just some of the ESG practices undertaken by our portfolio companies below.


Gardman is committed to creating a better society and as the UK's leading garden products supplier the company is in a unique position to do so.

Gardman has a well-established relationship with Greenfingers through strategic product promotions and other in-house fund raising initiatives.  Greenfingers is a charity that is dedicated to supporting the children who use hospices around the UK, along with their families, by creating beautiful, well-designed outdoor spaces for children to enjoy whether through play and fun, or therapeutic rest and relaxation. 

In addition, Gardman has used their in-house resources to help raise funds for one of the UK's oldest charities, The Royal British Legion, by designing and producing a Poppy Bird Feeder in 2016.  Throughout the campaign for every bird feeder and selected premium wild bird seed blend sold, Gardman made a donation to The Royal British Legion.  Following a following a hugely successful campaign, in which over £200,000 was raised, Gardman has, in 2017, produced a Daffodil Bird Feeder to raise funds for Marie Curie, to help more people, and their families, who are living with a terminal illness.


AFI is committed to ensuring that the company is a great place to work and the health and happiness of its employees is of paramount importance. The company goes to great lengths to ensure staff are happy from the top down.

Some of the health and wellbeing initiatives undertaken by AFI included providing employees with a comprehensive health scheme, providing defibrillators at all locations, as well as giving care and consideration for employees’ families in times of need.

This commitment has been acknowledged by Investors in People (IIR) on more than one occasion; first winning IIR’s Gold award and then gaining the organisation’s Health & Wellbeing Award.  In addition, AFI has been awarded the Best Companies accreditation at the first time of entering the scheme.  The Best Companies accreditation scheme follows the Michelin star-style rating system for organisations that show high levels of employee engagement.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Restaurants believes that people are truly at the heart of their business and they have a vision, to be: “the most loved place to eat and work”. Inclusive of both employees and guests Pizza Hut actively creates a working environment that engages employees and builds a culture and mindset that their teams believe in and promotes the two simple behaviours: “The Best of Me” and “The Best of Us”.

At the heart of this extensive employee engagement programme is Pizza Hut Restaurant’s internal social media platform, Yammer, which hosts Hut TV and School of Life, which are a combination of learning and engagement that uses employees as actors and presenters to demonstrate, teach and explain how things work to the rest of the business.

Yammer allows genuine two-way communication across the business and any team member can share ideas and thoughts on how the business is run. By linking the company culture to Pizza Hut’s communication and social media, people are talking about it and talking about it is making people live it, and living it is changing the business.

For more information on Pizza Hut’s apprenticeship scheme click here.