How We Help

The world can be a challenging place for mid-market companies these days.

There is less stability as markets shift quickly, less access to capital and more competition. That's a tough environment for even the most skilled management team to succeed in. Sometimes a fresh perspective, capital and a corrective plan is the key to turning fortunes around.

This is where Rutland Partners can really help. Where other private equity firms might look for market growth to justify their investment, we look to the inherent potential in the business for improved performance. Does it have a sustainable competitive proposition and can it take control of the challenges it faces? In other words, 'Can we make a difference here?'

Equally, in every business, there are controllable opportunities and our aim is to work with management to identify where changes are needed. It could be in processes, people, in culture change, resource planning, logistics, procurement or fundamental strategy. They may be capital led or people focussed. This approach helps overcome inertia or decline and start the process of making better strategic decisions and a better business.

Investing in Special Situations