Management Tips

The situations we target normally represent challenging times for management; our job is to create solutions by using our experience of improving company performance in tough conditions over many years.

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Get good people around you; don't feel threatened by people who might be more qualified than you

  • Focus on the possible, whether dependent on new investment or not, rather than the limitations of current circumstances

  • Operational change or business improvement is usually premised on scale projects, a willingness to tackle challenges head on and investment for the future. Work-around solutions are of little value in the long run

  • Constantly challenge the strategy for the business and the alignment of resources and skills to fulfil it

  • Review and control where money is spent regularly - always cut costs where possible

  • Consider how you might need to change the company culture - re-think what is possible

Rutland understands the value of management teams and what they can bring to a business.  We are also always looking to meet experienced management candidates interested in working with us in support of our investment approach. Please send your CVs to for consideration.